Organisation - Who We Are

The San Michele Arcangelo onlus, Apolitical Foundation, independent from public and private bodies and structures that have the purpose of profit, non-partisan in respect of customs, religions and the rights of being, has no profit purposes, pursues only the purpose of social solidarity, cultural purposes aimed at disadvantaged groups and socially distressed and specifically "THE SAFEGUARD OF THE QUALITY OF LIFE AND THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE SAME IN ALL ITS FORMS AND SPECIES WITHOUT DIFFERENTIATION EVEN ABROAD" (in line with what is provided in the context of Italian cooperation with developing countries currently governed by law n. 49 of February 26, 1987 and the relative implementing regulation, Presidential Decree no. 177 of April 12, 1988) and, more specifically:
- the implementation of short- and medium-term programs in developing countries in situ and at P.V.S. (developing countries).