Organisation - Our Locations

The Foundation, for a more incisive and professionally qualified result, is managed and organized in Departments, with its own internal regulations, respecting and complying with the provisions of Art. 10 of the cited Legislative Decree 4-12-1997 n.460 which provides "the pursuit of social solidarity and socio-health purposes (art. 10 paragraph 1), charity (art.10 paragraph 3) and in order to reintegrate the disadvantaged subjects described above (art. 10 paragraph 4 and 5).

For the achievement of its purposes the San Michele Arcangelo onlus may also, in conjunction with events, seminars, courses, conferences, celebrations, anniversaries or awareness campaigns, promote public fundraising, including through offers of value or services to supporters and the Territory, lotteries and other initiatives provided by the regulations in force; and organizing or participating in the organization and promotion of scholarships and prizes related to the purposes and activities of the Foundation; makes use of the professional services of supporters and workers who offer their work, mainly voluntary and free, for solidarity purposes, while providing a share of staff if necessary to achieve the social purpose, paid as required by law.