Activities - Law Saves Suicides

The Foundation within the "SAFEGUARD OF THE QUALITY OF LIFE AND THE IMPROVEMENT OF ITSELF" also as a promoter of actions as a bearer of interests, offers its members service access to administrative acts, databases and central risk Bank of Italy, cancellation and correction of false reports, carrying out with specialists in the field debt consolidation procedures "law save-suicide" that allows those in serious economic difficulties to renegotiate their debts with banks, suppliers and also with Equitalia, allowing private citizens not to suffer expropriation ending up losing everything Law 3/2012.

Law enacted to counter the devastating effects that the economic crisis has had on many private citizens, squeezed in a vice made of unemployment, reduced employment and over indebtedness.

Check rate Usury and Anatocism Banking with free analysis, hidden defects and unfair terms.

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