Organisation - Mission


The following institutional activities are pursued

- The implementation of short- and medium-term programs in developing countries on site and at P.V.S. (developing countries);

- The selection, training and employment of volunteers and citizens in loco and at P.V.S;
- supports and promotes global and local partnership initiatives for the development of public-private participatory aggregation, for the achievement of statutory purposes, designed to safeguard and improve the quality of life, parenthood and the growth of new generations of disadvantaged people, also by promoting actions as a bearer of interests.- establish economic support actions, including non-refundable and / or very long-term restitution to the groups and for the purposes mentioned above.- training to disadvantaged subjects represented on site and at P.V.S. for the education of the development of consciousness on the added value conferred by the participatory security, placing the disadvantaged subjects as bearers of value in a synergistic participatory action with the components of the Foundation, driving model for the socio-educational reintegration for new recipients. The aforementioned subjects are: prison population, immigrants, victims of gender violence and stalking, drug addicts, ethnic minorities, elderly people in a situation of psychophysical distress, disabled and maladjusted adults and minors from maladjusted, marginalized and culturally conflicting environments, sent/enrolled or reported by primary institutions, organizations or points of listening. to be inserted/reintegrated into the social fabric through training and start-up to study and work/volunteering. Employing themselves in the fight against poverty and hunger in the world, actions to be promoted jointly with men, women, family members of the security, defense and public assistance sector and their supporters as bearers of added value.