Activities - International Cooperation

The European Union has made available different
of financial instruments, managed through: a system of "shared responsibility" between the European Commission and the
European Commission and the authorities of the Member States - indirect management or, centrally by the European Commission - direct management.

by the European Commission - direct management.


1. Horizon Europe

budget (95.5 billion €)
Thematic areas: Research
scientific research, innovation and
applications in industry and
Aims to promote scientific research
scientific research, experimentation and


budget (14.7 billion €)
Thematic areas: education and
training, youth, mobility and
international exchanges, languages, sport
It aims to promote education and training
training at all levels through the exchange
exchange of good practices, visiting courses
and the definition of new teaching
teaching and learning methodologies



budget (8.8 billion €)
Thematic areas: environment, resources and
energy efficiency, biodiversity and
Aims to contribute to the transition to a resource
resource-efficient economy, improve the development
development, implementation and enforcement of environmental
environmental and climate policy and legislation
legislation and policy and to better support
environmental and climate governance 



budget (0.665 billion €)
Thematic areas: Collaboration on judicial matters
justice, right to justice and fight against drugs.
Intended to ensure that EU legislation on civil and criminal
and criminal justice legislation is effectively implemented. It wants to ensure
adequate access to justice in Europe, both for citizens
and for businesses in cross-border litigation, and
supports EU action to tackle drugs and crime.
and crime


5.Asylum and Migration Fund(AMIF)

budget (9.882 billion €)
Thematic area: asylum, migration,
integration, rights
Focuses on migration flows and the
integrated management of migration


6.Creative Europe

budget (1.46 billion €)
Thematic areas: promotion and
dissemination of arts and cultural
cultural activities, audiovisual and multimedia
Aims to promote culture through
the diffusion of audio-video works
the implementation of new business models
business models in the


7.European Innovation Council pilot project

budget (10 billion €)
Thematic areas: employment, work, social inclusion, mobility, social economy
social inclusion, mobility, social economy
It aims to provide financial support for the realization of
objectives of the Union in the field of employment, social policy and
social policy and inclusion, for the promotion of a higher
level of employment, improve working conditions
conditions of work, ensure adequate social protection and combat poverty and social exclusion.
against poverty and social exclusion, 


8.Europe for citizens

budget (0.186 billion € in 2014-2020) (2021-2027 not yet decided)
Thematic areas: memory and values of the
values, civic and democratic participation
democratic participation
Aims at enhancing the historical memory
memory of the EU, to stimulate the development of
twinning and civic and democratic participation
participation of civil society organizations
civil society



budget (9.4 billion €)
Thematic areas: health promotion and
prevention, health systems
Aims to support EU Member States in
effectively address the economic and demographic
demographic challenges affecting health systems and
enable the population to live longer
in good health,digital transformation of health systems
Tackling Hepidemics(COVID-19)



budget (3 billion € for the moment)
Thematic areas: small and medium-sized
enterprises (financing, access to
markets, facilities)
It aims to increase the competitiveness and
sustainability of EU companies,
encourage an entrepreneurial culture
culture and promote the creation and
creation and growth of SMEs


11.European Liaison Network

budget (42.3 billion€)
thematic areas:Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) supports

trans-European networks and infrastructures in the transport, telecommunications and energy sectors.

safe, clean and integrated mobility
reliable, secure and sustainable energy
a high-speed broadband digital network