Activities - Cmmunity G.Palatucci Artena


The CPA Palatucci represents the place of reception and activation of the protection system and the consequent entry into the social welfare network of the territory. It ensures the timeliness and continuity of care for the minors referred for care, who will be provided with multiple social, health and welfare responses. The CPA ensures a multidimensional evaluation and a personalized program, shortening the response time of the interventions.

The Center is intended for both Italian and foreign boys and girls under the age of 18. The CPA can accommodate up to ten minors while waiting for the preparation by the competent Social Services of a personalized project of protection.

The service takes place in Artena (Rm) in via del Colle Siciliano 5, inside the premises of the Polo Tecnologico Attrattore del Territorio e del Sociale PTA-TS Lazio, an integral part of the Compendium Sociale Giovanni Palliano.

part of the Social Compendium Giovanni Palatucci, Policeman Servant of God, last Italian Questore, Righteous among the Righteous, in a large and comfortable apartment on the second floor.





Particular attention will be paid to the reception of self-styled/presumed unaccompanied minors who arrive on the territory disoriented and without sufficient information.


The minor will therefore be adequately informed about the place where he/she is, about his/her rights in Italy and about the path in which he/she will be inserted. In doing so, the professional figures of reference will structure personalised interventions capable of adapting to the individual case.

They will immediately provide the first information on the opportunity for Assisted Repatriation, on the possibility of integration in the territory, of the legislation for the conversion of the residence permit upon reaching the age of majority, for inclusion in the procedure for asylum and / or reunification of relatives who are in Italy and / or third countries as well as information on the protection that the Italian law guarantees to the victims of trafficking.

The term self-styled minor is due to the fact that, in the absence of documents, identification, including any age verification, is completed during the period of stay in the first reception facility. Until then, the subject is presumed to be a minor (see circular of the Ministry of the Interior, July 9, 2007).